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Leaving Dove Lake car park at 1pm I spent the afternoon until 2am on the mountain.

I took the first few hours finding a composition and some time lining up all the elements. Then waiting for the light.

I think it's become more evident to me that although at different times of the day the light will effect and shape a composition it's important to educate yourself on the direction of light and try to pre visualise that so you are ready for when it comes.

Taking the time to set up one good composition instead of waiting for good light and trying to capture it all seems to produce a photo that can more accurately tell the story.

I spent some time wondering why my compositions where not always as good as a I liked but then I realised that I was spending more time trying to find a good location and less time lining up all the elements.

I think it's important to take some time to find a location but to also leave some time maybe 30mins to an hour to refine the composition.

Happy shooting

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